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Newsletter - April 2019

Phase 1 of Marketing-Product Range Display at Dastkar; Expert Speak-Jatin Bhatt; Artisan Stories-Urooj Fatima and Younis Shah

Newsletter - July 2018

Micro Enterprise Management-Costing, Pricing and Packaging Workshop; Showcasing and Presentation-Product Photoshoot; Investing in Machinery for Increased Productivity and Enhanced Quality

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Newsletter - June 2018

Coming Together to Create-The Third Design and Development Workshop; Through a New Lens: Renewing the Established Art of Walnut Wood Carving; Expert Speak by Burhan-ud-Din Khateeb; an Artisan’s Experience-Muzaffar Ahmad Mir

Newsletter - May 2018

Dedicated To Sozni – Sajad Parray;  Expert Speak – Gunjan Jain, Founder Vriksh Studio; Celebrating the Support Of Ancillary Crafts To The Kashmiri Crafts Industry; A Printer’s & An Embroiderer’s Story of Loyalty & Trust


Newsletter - April 2018

Strengthening Bonds with the Artisan Family, Introducing the Basics of Business Development, A Case of Learning and Un-Learning Things, An Expert Voice & An Artisan’s Experience

Newsletter - March 2018

Carving Out a Promising Future, Upscaling an Enterprise, Expert Speak - Shinju Mahajan and An Artisan’s Experience - Aslam Bhat

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Newsletter - February 2018

Stories of New Developments in; Aari, Namda and Copper. Helping Artisans to Meet Their Aspirations: Anjuman Ara, Reviving the Namda Craft: Farooq Ahmad, Bridging Technical Gaps: Aslam Bhat and Designer Speak: Devika Krishnan

Newsletter - January 2018

Deepening Bonds With The Kashmir Artisans - Interim workshop in Kashmir, New Discoveries With the Sakhta Community, Creating New Market Linkages In Delhi, Introducing Tilla Embroidery to Kolkata Bazaar and Experiences Straight from the Artisans

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Newsletter - December 2017

Building Tailoring Skills - a Skill Training Workshop at NIFT, Stories from the Field - Basharat Ashraf’s Start-up which Supports Young Women, Creating New Market linkages- A Hundred Hands Exhibition, Bangalore and An Expert Opinion - Sudha Dhingra

Newsletter - November 2017

Taking First Steps - Design and  Development Workshop in Kashmir, Stories from the Field - Urooj Fatima, Imtiyaz Shah and an Expert Speak - Harpreet Padam

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Newsletter - October 2017

Empowering Young Craft Entrepreneurs - Inspiring Growth Workshop, Introducing Contemporary Market Trends - a visit to Kamala Store, Building Capacities - Leather Upskilling Workshop for Javaid Wani and an Expert Speak - Shinju Mahajan

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