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Our Projects

Inclusive Livelihoods Program Based on Skill Development & Craft Entrepreneurship in the Valley supported by Titan Industries.

CtoK along with the support of Titan has identified and selected 25 new lead craft entrepreneurs for its Inclusive Livelihoods Program Based on Skill Development & Craft Entrepreneurship in the Valley. The project involves working with Kashmiri crafts people working in over 10 crafts skills comprising of copper ware (Moulding and Engraving), Papier Mache (Moulding and Naqashi), leather, tailoring and embroideries (Aari, Sozni, Tilla, Crewel & Chain stitch). The work will over the next 12 months use the strengths of each craft community as the key driver to aid the creation and development of these 25 small craft businesses, owned and operated by artisans engaged in the production of traditional Kashmiri crafts. And through them, reach out to over 175 artisans employed with them and over 250 people employed in craft ancillary activities.


A Diagnostic Study of the Kangri cluster in Kulgam and Kupwara, 
a CtoK-J&K Bank Project

CtoK was invited by the J&K Bank to do a diagnostic study of close to 600 artisans in the remote artisan villages of Kulgam and Kupwara districts of Kashmir, to explore the livelihood opportunities through crafts – especially with kangri makers & Gujjars. The aim was to devise a strategy to enhance the livelihoods and earnings of these communities through new design and market approaches which included soft and hard interventions to improve product diversification, productivity, competitiveness, capacity building and standardized production process. Subsequently, an Integrated Livelihood Development Program of the Kangri Cluster in Kulgam Through Craft Led Skill Development was proposed to the J&K Bank team.

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