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Market Intervention

Most of our efforts pertaining to market intervention involve studying new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement them. Thus far, establishing and facilitating direct market linkages for our associated artisans and entrepreneurs has led them all across the country and empowered them with the knowledge and confidence to address changing customers demands.


A Hundred Hands

Bazaars and Exhibitions

Muzaffar Ahmed Mir, a walnut wood carver, Sajjad Parray, a sozni artisan and Jehangir  Bhatt, a crewel entrepreneur were facilitated by CtoK to present their work for the first time in a Bangalore at a Hundred Hands Exhibition.


Bazaars and Exhibitions

CtoK enabled Arifa Jan, Muteen & Manzoor, Sajad Dar, Sameer Bhatt, Sabia Ali, Zahida Amin, Jehangir Bhatt, Zahoor Ahmed Mir, and Saleem to launch their skills and craft enterprises in Delhi at the Dastkar Kisan Haat venue. In 2017, CtoK invited Farooq Ahmed Khan (Namda entrepreneur) and Tariq Ahmed Mir (sozni entrepreneur) to bring their work to the Dastkar Winter Mela in Delhi.
Pictured is Farooq with his namda carpets.


The India Story

Bazaars and Exhibitions

CtoK provided new market linkages to Jasir Ahmed Ganaie and Saleem Sofi by assisting them to showcase their tilla collection and pashmina range respectively for the first time at The India Story festival in Swabhumi, Calcutta. It received much appreciation.

Jaypore, ITokri etc.

Online Retail

Arifa Jan, Zahida Amin, Jehangir Bhatt, Muteen & Manzoor have been facilitated to supply and retail via acclaimed online stores such as Jaypore, iTokri, Direct Create and Craftisan to name a few.

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Kamala, the Crafts Store, Fabindia

Store Retail

Fabindia and Kamala (run by the Crafts Council of India) has housed the range of genuine and fine pashmina from our artisan beneficiaries.

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