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Capacity Building and Skill Development

We see every challenge as an opportunity, and this initiative helps us ensure that our partners are better prepared to manage the unique situations they find themselves in. We are invested in an innovative approach that empowers our community and delivers the support they need, when they need it.

devika at colour workshop.jpg

Costing Workshop

in collaboration with the CDI

A four-day long workshop was conducted at the CDI, Srinagar in March 2018, to instill in the budding entrepreneurs the basics of costing-terms, calculations and techniques. The aim was to enable the entrepreneurs to plan and operate a financially viable business with improved profit margins. At the end of the workshop, all participants were able to accurately calculate their costs, overheads and arrive at break-even pricing. The workshop was conducted by Devika Krishnan an experienced designer cum business development trainer and supported by Recaero India Pvt. Ltd.

Colour Workshop


CtoK organised a daylong colour workshop at the CDI, Srinagar in early 2018. The objective of this workshop was to help the entrepreneurs and their artisans understand colours and their combinations and start applying these colour theories while making their products. The artisans were exposed to primary, secondary and tertiary colours, warm and cool colours, harmony/analogous and contrast/complimentary colours; along with hues, tones, tints, shades and monochromatic colours. The workshop was led by Devika Krishnan, a ceramicist from NID and supported by Recaero India Pvt. Ltd.

studio coppre.jpg

Knowledge Building and Sharing

in collaboration with Studio Coppre

In February 2018, coppersmiths Aslam Bhatt and Imtiyaz Kak travelled to Pune to share with and learn from Balachandra Kadu, a coppersmith from Maharashtra. Aslam and Imtiyaz came back with new methods of cutting, buffing, spinning and finishing. Ways to improve production efficiency and reducing manufacturing time were also discussed. This training was facilitated by CtoK in partnership with Studio Coppre.

Skilling Workshops

in collaboration with NIFT, Delhi

A skilling workshop was organised for leather artisan, Javaid Ahmed Wani, who is passionate about making seasonal indoor leather shoes and embroidered bags, but lacked the technical know-how to make a finished quality product. He was guided by Shinju Mahajan, Head of Leather Accessories Design at NIFT Delhi and Irfan Khan, master trainer to fuse fabric and leather in effective ways to create a upgraded finished product with a market value, thus increasing his potential to maximise his business.


Provision of Tools

intervening to supply tools & machinery to increase productivity and quality

CtoK strongly believes in its mission of offering holistic solutions and resources to the artisan beneficiaries enabling them to  upgrade their workshops and crafts skills. This includes providing them with machines and tools that can increase their capacity and improve the caliber of their product. Sometimes, this equipment is either unavailable in Kashmir, or inaccessible to the artisan. CtoK has so far sourced machines like an orbital sander, a sewing machine, buffing tools, special brushes etc. to associated artisans.

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