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What Do We Do?


To provide a sense of purpose and sustainable livelihoods to people in the Kashmir
Valley by enabling positive transformation in the handicrafts linked economy of the state which has
been severely affected by decades of violence and strife.


To widen the net of employment of local artisans and improve their incomes thereby bringing economic
growth to the valley.


Poverty alleviation and craft revival by aiding the creation and development of small businesses, owned and operated by
artisans engaged in the production of traditional Kashmiri crafts and redefine the handicrafts sector
by empowering craft leaders with the required skills and resources to meet changing market needs.

How Do We Do It?

CtoK's approach is a holistic hands on approach which comprises of
 Craft Mapping.
 Identifying talent.
 Hands on mentoring and training.
 Skill enhancement workshops
 Customized solutions for individual artisan enterprise requirements.
 End to end solutions in design, production and marketing.
 Collaborative engagement between enterprises.
 Cross pollination of crafts techniques.
 Branding.
 Market Connect.

What Is Our Strength?

Our core assets include
• 27 crafts enterprises established
• Goodwill and trust within the community
• An accessible network of experts
• Committed team of core members
• Strong advisory board of experts

• 850 new market driven products developed
• New market linkages accessed
• Knowledge of working with 10 craft skills
• Institutional linkages

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