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Silent Death of Traditional Artforms in Kashmir and Hope of its Revival
Brighter Kashmir

August 1, 2018

The significance of renewing the traditional arts and crafts of the Kashmir valley and the importance of constructive intervention in the same.

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Pune Leads the Way for These Kashmiri Artisans
Hindustan Times

February 28, 2018

CtoK has been helping artisans from the valley enhance their skills in their respective fields through constant workshops in different cities of India.


How Can We Keep This Beautiful Kashmiri Art Alive? CtoK Is Making It Happen

The Better India

December 28, 2017

An organisation called Commitment to Kashmir (CtoK) is working with local artisans to help them develop and overcome their unique challenges.


Looms of the Valley


July 21, 2015

Kashmir’s weaving industry and its current challenges through the life and times of the kani shawl.


CtoK helps Kashmiri Artisans to Turn Entrepreneurs 
Deccan Herald

June 21, 2015

With a CtoK grant, Khan along with his partner Muteen Ahmad set up their own label “Blossoms of Heaven”, and a 12-loom pashmina unit, with thirteen full-time weavers.


Kashmiri Artisans Flock to Delhi with New Hope

The Hindu

December 15, 2014

These Kashmiri artisans are now in Delhi for the first time at the Dastkar Winter Mela trying to connect with buyers at the festival which has a special focus on Kashmir.


The Valley's Craft Explores New Frontiers

Business Standard

November 18, 2014

This organisation is mentoring and helping crafts-persons in Kashmir to diversify their designs and explore more viable markets.


The Other Side of Pashmina


April 12, 2014

Kashmiri crafts have been omnipresent from street to luxury, yet least geared for new fashion markets. This is likely to change soon.

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